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Characteristics and application of oil mist lubric

2019-10-14 14:08:03

1. Lubrication principle:

Oil mist lubrication is the use of the high-speed airflow, compressed air after oil mist lubricating oil distributor atomized liquid into tiny oil particles, the formation of mixture of air and oil particles, oil mist, management way is to the lubrication parts, via condensation mouth tiny oil particles condensed into larger oil particles, and then enter the friction pair, dispersion in different parts, oil film formation, the lubrication effect. At the same time, the oil mist in the bearing bearing internal formation of positive pressure, play a role in preventing the entry of external dirt.

2. Product features:

1) The oil mist can diffuse to various parts of the friction pair, achieving a good and even lubrication effect.

2) Compressed air has low specific heat, high flow rate, easy to take away friction heat, and reduce the working temperature of friction pair.

3) It can be used for bearing with high speed to improve the limit speed and extend the bearing life.

4) The lowest fuel consumption, friction pair always keep fresh, appropriate amount of lubricating oil.

5) Small volume, low power consumption, high degree of automation control, can achieve low level, low pressure, low oil pressure alarm, enhance the reliability of the equipment.

6) The oil mist has a certain pressure, which can play a certain sealing role in the bearing cavity.

3. Scope of application:

Oil mist lubrication is suitable for closed gear, chain, slide, guide and various high speed and heavy load rolling bearings. At present, oil mist lubrication has been widely used in calendering equipment and metallurgical machinery, such as: aluminum foil rolling mill, strip rolling mill, rotary kiln, ball mill, petroleum machinery, papermaking machinery, fiber machinery, chain conveyor, vibrator, blower, concentrator, crusher, high-speed spinner, etc.

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