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Proper lubrication

2019-10-14 14:17:50

Lubrication technology at the core of the problem is to solve the friction pair, also is what we usually call the lubrication point lubrication problem, for people engaged in lubrication technology application, most attention should be the lubrication points, that is, whether you use what kind of lubrication, dry oil lubrication, the thin oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication, and lubrication oil and gas. The aim is to keep the lubrication point in optimum lubrication condition at all times.

So what kind of lubrication does a lubrication point need? Is it better to add more oil? The answer is no.

The lubrication point, that is, the friction pair operating in the full film lubrication state is an ideal condition, in this full film lubrication state, there is a lubricant between the friction surface, and can generate a complete layer of lubrication film. The two friction surfaces are completely separated. When the friction pair moves, the friction is the internal friction between the internal molecules of the lubrication film, rather than the external friction between the friction surfaces in direct contact.

The lubricant required for the lubrication point should reach the bearing in a slow, uniform flow of small amounts of oil. If the lubricant required for the lubrication point can be supplied in a continuous stream, the lubrication effect for the lubrication point is ideal.

For example, a bearing needs 1ml of lubricating oil per hour. The correct answer is to add 1ml of lubricating oil per hour, or to add 1ml of lubricating oil in several times within an hour. If we can only get 0.1ml of oil at the lubrication point in each lubrication cycle, then 1ml of oil can be supplied 10 times in 1 hour and once every 6 minutes, which can achieve very satisfactory results. This is the most correct way of lubrication.

Thin oil lubrication is indeed an effective way of lubrication, with the development of lubrication technology, thin oil lubrication has been from the primary way of large flow lubrication to more advanced way of trace lubrication development, such as oil mist lubrication is a trace of lubrication, its emergence makes thin oil lubrication developed to a new stage. Although oil mist lubrication has taken a big step towards this correct way of lubrication, its application prospects are increasingly dim due to various restrictions, serious pollution of the environment and harm to human health. Instead of it, oil and gas lubrication, which is more accurate and subtle and does not pollute the environment, has been replaced.

Oil and gas lubrication with a novel idea of lubrication changed the traditional way, it can turn a fine extremely trace oil drip poured into lubrication points, in this way, in equal time to be able to realize accurate allocation of lubricating oil way, and is suitable for the condition of different conditions, this is other lubrication method can't do that.

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