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Proper lubrication

Lubrication technology at the core of the problem is to solve the friction pair, also is what we usually call the lubrication point lubrication problem, for people engaged in lubrication technology application, most attention should be the lubrication points, that is, whether you use what kind of lubrication, dry oil lubrication, the thin oil lubrication, oil mist lubrication, and lubrication oil and gas.



Dry oil (grease) lubrication system

In a variety of mechanical equipment, in addition to widely used thin oil lubrication, in many friction pairs also used grease (referred to as dry oil) lubrication. For example, some friction pairs of blast furnace top equipment; The gear ring meshing part of the tilting mechanism in the steelmaking workshop; Certain lubrication points on various metallurgical cranes; The flat friction pair between the bearing seat and the stand window of the rolling mill; Straightening roller bearing of straigh



Characteristics and application of oil mist lubric

1. Lubrication principle:Oil mist lubrication is the use of the high-speed airflow, compressed air after oil mist lubricating oil distributor atomized liquid into tiny oil particles, the formation of mixture of air and oil particles, oil mist, management way is to the lubrication parts, via condensation mouth tiny oil particles condensed into larger oil particles, and then enter the friction pair, dispersion in different parts, oil film formation, the lubrication effect. At the same time, the oi



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